Tokutek White Paper: 

A Comparison of Log-Structured Merge (LSM) and Fractal Tree Indexing

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Nearly all DBMS solutions are built with a 40-year-old indexing technology base on B-tree data structures - an approach that has served the industry well for 30-plus years.  However, in the world of big data, where ingestion velocity and volume easily reach rates previously unseen, and where the need for real-time querying is key, the B-tree approach is the root cause of performance bottlenecks and other challenges. As a result, several new indexing schemes have emerged.  

In particular, Log-Structured Merge Tree (or LSM tree) and Fractal Tree indexing are now being used in popular NoSQL and NewSQL solutions.
In this white paper, M.I.T. data scientist and Tokutek chief architect Dr. Bradley Kuzmaul compares and contrasts LSM and Fractal Tree indexing in an in-depth report originally prepared for High Scalability.
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